Wawanaisa Resort History

The land around Wawanaisa Resort has a long history. It was a native trading place long before white man set foot ashore, the Shebeshekong River was the home of several Ojibwa nations.

The explorer, Samuel de Champlain enjoyed the many bays and coves on his way to the French river. A seemingly endless fishery and huge pine trees logging lured white man in the late 1800’s to the area.

The Beyette family started to rent out a couple shacks in the mid 1940’s to fishermen. At that time the roads were non-passable for most of the year so folks used to walk in and find cabins with no hydro, and no running water. The Bowman’s came in 1950.

Fishing out of plywood boats powered by oars, anglers had the pleasure of catching big pike and bass. Walter and Mary Trakalo bought the place in the early 60’s and built new cottages.

Wawanaisa has had numerous spelling variations throughout history. Wawanaisa, wawanaisa resort, but also wawanesa, wawanasa, wawanisa, is seen frequently.

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